About Bob Woodall Air Care Systems

The Move Downtown

Offices have been transitioned into the old Mayer Electric office building on South Foster Street, and nearby a 17,000-square foot warehouse enables c...

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Cal Turner Joins Company

Cal Turner joined the company as a business partner in late 2002, and with his financial savvy and experience working for years as president of Summer...

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Bob Jr. Becomes Sole Owner

Two of the Woodall brothers gradually left to pursue their own ventures – Donnell with Woodall Heating & Cooling of Enterprise and Luverne with ...

Read more Sep 22 2000

Bob, Jr

From the age of 12, his son, Bob Jr., began working with the family business after school and on summer breaks, learning both the technical aspects of...

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Woodall's Sales & Service

After about a year after the founding of Ted & Bob's, the men amicably parted ways and in 1967 Bob founded Woodall’s Sales & Service, and al...

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The Beginning

In the late 1960s, a time when many new homes were being built with central air conditioning, Bob Woodall Sr. saw an opportunity in this new innovatio...

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